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Nanotechnology: views of Scientists and Engineers

Appendix A

Appendix B – List of Attendees
Dr Michael Adams Unilever
Sara Al-Bader Royal Society Secretariat
Sir Geoffrey Allen University of East Anglia
Professor Ray Allen University of Sheffield
Dr Rachel Brazil Royal Society of Chemistry
Professor Brian Briscoe Imperial College
Professor Tony Cass Imperial College
Professor Derek Chetwynd University of Warwick
Dr Andrew Clarke Kodak
Professor Roland Clift* University of Surrey
Dr Jofey Craig Royal Society Secretariat
Dr Peter Cumpson National Physical Laboratory
Professor Graham J Davies University of Birmingham
Mr Julian Delic Health and Safety Executive
Professor Peter Dobson University of Oxford
Dr Peter Dowding Infinaeum
Professor Ann Dowling* University of Cambridge
Dr John Ellis X-FAB UK Ltd
Professor Andrew Fisher University College London
Professor Donald Fitzmaurice University College Dublin
Professor Sandy Florence The London School of Pharmacy
Dr John Gallop National Physical Laboratory
Dr Nick Green Royal Society Secretariat
Mr Paul Holister Cientifica
Mr Fintan Hurley Institute of Occupational Medicine
Professor Mike Kelly University of Cambridge
Professor Thomas Krauss University of St Andrews
Beatrice Leigh GlaxoSmithKline
Dr Lynne Macaskie University of Birmingham
Professor Mervyn Miles University of Bristol
Dr Julia Moore National Science Foundation
Dr Vic Morris Institute of Food Research
Professor Ray Oliver* ICI
Professor Richard Palmer University of Birmingham
Professor John Pethica* Trinity College Dublin
Professor Nick Pidgeon* University of East Anglia
Richard Ploszek Royal Academy of Engineering Secretariat
Professor Julia Polak Imperial College
Dr Rachel Quinn Royal Society Secretariat
Professor John Ryan* University of Oxford
Dr Matthew Schneemilch Imperial College
Professor Anthony Seaton* University of Aberdeen
Dr Hayaatun Sillem Royal Academy of Engineering Secretariat
Dr Jeremy Sloan University of Oxford
Professor George Smith University of Oxford
Professor Ken Snowdon Newcastle University
Professor Richard Syms Imperial College
Professor Saul Tendler* University of Nottingham
Dr Lang Tran Institute of Occupational Medicine, Edinburgh
Dr Alexander Tsavalos Health and Safety Executive
Professor Mark Welland* University of Cambridge
Professor Roger Whatmore* Cranfield University
Professor Chris Wilkinson Glasgow University
Mr Neil Wilson University of Warwick
Professor Anthony R Young St Johns Institute of Dermatology,
Kings College London
* member of nanotechnology working group
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