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What's happening now

Our final report was published on 29 July 2004.

We held a public meeting to discuss the findings of the report on Wednesday 29 September 2004. You can watch a webstream of the meeting by clicking on the following link: Exploring nanotechnologies - Webstreamed discussion - 29 September 2004

The UK Government's response to the recommendations in our report was published on 25 February 2005, along with our comments on the response.

On 11 and 12 July 2005 the Royal Society and Science Council of Japan held a workshop on the potential health, environmental and societal impacts of nanotechnologies. A report of this workshop can be found on the Royal Society website.

The UK Government published its first research report Characterising the potential risks posed by engineered nanoparticles on 20 November 2005. The Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering issued a press release in response to this.

The Council for Science and Technology is undertaking a review of the Government's progress against the actions it set out in its response to the Royal Society - Royal Academy of Engineering report. It issued a call for evidence on Thursday 6 July. The Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering have sumitted a joint response.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (defra) held a consultation on a Voluntary Reporting Scheme for engineereed nanoscale materials and the Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering made a joint submission to this. Defra have publised a summary of submissions and the Government's response.


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