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Nanotechnology and Nanoscience The Royal Society

The UK Government's response to the joint Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering report -nanoscience and nanotechnologies: opportunities and uncertainties was published on 25 February 2005. The academies welcome the Government's positive response to the report.

The response recognises the importance of ensuring nanotechnologies are appropriately regulated, however no new funding for the essential research required to underpin this regulation has been announced.

The Government has made an important commitment to a public dialogue on nanotechnologies which will inform both the direction of research and development and progress on regulation. The academies have suggested that this programme of dialogue be developed in consultation with relevant stakeholders, including industry and non governmental organisations.

The academies will be scrutinising the detailed plans that the Government will be publishing in Autumn 2005 on the research to underpin the development of regulation and on public dialogue.

The Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering issued a press release on Friday 25 March in reaction to the Government's response.


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