Responses to questionnaire on nanotechnology





Joyce Foo
Science & Technology Officer
British High Commission


Agency for Science, Technology and Research ASTAR has two research councils:

SERC-administered funding programmes for nano-related research projects:

Thematic Strategic Research Programme

Public Sector R&D Project Funding Scheme

Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

Institute of Materials Research & Engineering

Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology

Institute of Microelectronics

Data Storage Institute :

National University of Singapore :

Foreign companies in Singapore:
U.S. company SurroMed’s $25 million center in Singapore, which opened in 2001, received assistance from the Singapore Economic Development Board and the National Science and Technology Board (now replaced by ASTAR)

Toronto’s AMR Technologies Inc signed three agreements with the Singapore government and its academic institutions, in 2002, to fund new nanotechnology. Approximately US$1 million is to be contributed by ASTAR, EDB and the Nanyang Technological University over three years