Page 6 Final paragraph.

No mention is made re the Centre of Excellence for Nanotechnology which is being established in the North East. I believe that it should be referred to with a comment to place its current position and influence in context.

Public Response

There are several references to the ‘popular mind’ and the anticipated debate that may develop over the ethicacy of nanotechnology. The response which is being proposed is to argue from fact and truth. I would agree 100% with this. However a read of, for example, page 12 indicates how the truthful approach could lead to potential misrepresentation within the press; section iv) could easily be turned round into a ‘scientists unsure of effect’ headline etc. I believe that significant cross disciplinary work is required to gain public acceptance. In addition to truth and facts it would seem that a significant programme of education is required both for the public and the press. I agree with the points raised on page 23 and 24, but believe that to develop understanding the target must be wider than Universities

Martin Pick