I don’t have too much to say on the document except a few minor additions:

Section 4 Nanomaterials subsection vii: Biomaterials Need to insert additional information to read:

Bristol based company Nanomagnetics are currently manufacturing magnetic nanoparticles via a biological route. Research has also been undertaken on using yeast to produce similar materials. The University of Birmingham is biomanufacturing nanoparticles for catalytic, magnetic and fuel cell applications. Other relevant research is also being done at the University of Manchester.

and section ix Bioremediation:

Another possible application for nanomaterials is biomediation. The driver would be to design systems capable of fixing heavy metal, PCBs and other environmentally damaging materials. The key is to use a biosystem to make a supported inorganic nanocatalyst to tackle problems that biology or traditional chemistry in isolation cannot.

And in Section 6. Bionanotechnology and Medicine:

c) Applications (current or next 2 years)

Add 2 additional bullet points:

to go after
bullet point Hip joints with nanostructured covering.....
next bullet point: Non line-of sight coating nanomaterial methods for prostheses
next bullet point: Nanoscale precursors of bone implant materials

I can give references to all of these if needed; they are not figments of my imagination.

The workshop was excellent and we covered a lot of ground.

Lynne Macaskie