BT is clearly interested in the developments in Nanotechnology, especially as it is a fundamental technology that will have a large impact on the world in which we operate, and on the businesses of our customers.

We track developments in Nanotechnology through our foresight and horizon scanning activities (especially through engagement with UK and US universities) and through our participation in industry and expert group bodies. However, we are not directly engaged in R&D in this field. Consequently, our comments are from the outside, looking in at the academic and industrial research being carried out in the world around us.

Convergence of nanoscience, biotechnology, IT and cognitive science (NBIC)
We can see that there is global interest and excitement about the technology, its potential and the environmental and ethical concerns that arise from it. There is a “hype factor” about some of this debate, fuelled by both extravagant claims and by science fiction.

However, there is also serious and well-informed discussion, both about Nano-technology and about the putative convergence of nanoscience, biotechnology, IT and cognitive science (NBIC).

There are two constituencies in this discussion:


However, there are two aspects of the report that give us concern:

Further points

We would like to make the following points although not directly a reaction to the content of the report :

Stewart Davies FREng BSc CEng FIEE
CEO BT Exact