I have read through this report and found that it deals comprehensively with most of the issues I can think of. One question that is not really considered is that of what I call 'rebranding' . Much of what is now called 'nanotechnology' existed before this word was dreamt up and I do think that it may be valuable to remember that for over a century a branch of physical chemistry called ' colloid science' has been a repository for much of our understanding of small objects. The delivery and formulation of drugs as well as the control of microstructure of foods have gone on for years and will continue to develop whether they are called 'nano' or 'colloid'.

I do think that it might be very helpful and important for public perception for us to stress that this is nothing new and that actually nantechnology has been with us for years ( eg pigments). The power of rebranding is in generating new ideas and new ways of thinking.
Overall, congratulations on a good document.

Professor Roger J Davey