I am a physicist who has done disarmament-related scientific research since 1985.

Acting on your call for views, I propose that the working group include potential military applications of NT in their agenda.

I have just finished a 15-months project on preventive arms control for NT (funded by the new German Foundation for Peace Research DSF), however the book will only appear in 2-3 months. An overview can be gained from an article co-authored with Mark Gubrud (Univ. of Maryland, USA), available via:


On 11 June 2003 I have given a presentation at a hearing in the European Parliament in Brussels. For your information, I attach the handout that was distributed to the press there:

Military Uses of Nanotechnology - Risks and Proposals for Precautionary Action

In 2001, I have published a book on military uses of microsystems technology, basic information is at:


I hope this is of help for your work. Please feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Jürgen Altmann
Experimentelle Physik III
Universität Dortmund