Nanotechnology - Request for initial views on this new study

In your email of 13 June you invited individuals and organisations to register their interest and provide views for the new RS / RAEng nanotechnology study. BBSRC supports research on the biological aspects of nanotechnology and our current portfolio is valued at approx £16 million. We have also undertaken some work on the public concern issues recently.

Please find attached a document which sets out:

a.. A definition of bionanotechnology
b.. The opportunities and challenges in this area
c.. BBSRC's current research priorities for bionanotechnology, and
d.. Work relevant to understanding the ethical implications of bionanotechnology

It also includes the reports of two workshop which BBSRC co-sponsored (one dealing with the science the other with public concern).

Please can you keep me and my colleagues up to date on study developments.

Best wishes,

Amanda Collis