The European NanoBusiness Association is a Brussels based non-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring that the world-class nanotechnology research currently going on in European universities is translated into world class companies.

The European NanoBusiness Association represents companies ranging from nanoparticle manufacturers such as BASF, major investors such as Apax and Amadeus, technology transfer organisations and local and national government. We are keen to ensure that the views of European industry are taken into account in this study, and that the health and safety procedures of companies already producing large quantities of nanoparticles a year are taken into account.

The European NanoBusiness Association, and its member companies, would be happy to work with the Royal Society in helping to ensure that these issues are not only well understood, but that the results are also communicated.

We are also currently putting in place a study with the University of Cambridge IRC in nanotechnology in order to better understand the current level of knowledge about the environmental effects of nanoparticles and structures. While it seems that 95% of materials will be covered by existing health and safety legislation, the thrust of the project is to identify which areas of nanotechnology give cause for concern, and ensure that the research is started early, and funded well enough, to ensure that we understand these concerns.


Tim Harper
Executive Director