With the advances being made in all areas of technology like DNA, Medicine, Hardware, Software and Other engineering disciplines, there is a need for convergence of these technologies, I believe that going forward the one of the many areas of study / emphasis will be on multi-disciplinary 'Human Centric' solutions and appplication of technology to alleviate chronic medical problems.

I believe, Nanotechnology will enable us to break the current technological barriers (for example: silicon chips in computing) and evolve to another level of automation.

I am particularly interested in researching or assisting in the following areas:

a) Application of Nanotechnology for improving health care - for example: treatment of ailments like Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc. Nanotechnology, I believe, can help with creating miniature devices or technology to time release medicines to the such patients.

b) Application of Nanotechnology to create embeddable devices for assisting with better medical care like articificial vision or artificial organs or something on these lines.

c) Application of Nanotechnology to improve the bottom line of manufacturing products, tracking of devices, eliminate theft of Manufactured products, create / supplementing materials for specialized use.

d) Application of Nanotechnology in the wireless area to provide multiple services from the cellular phone.

Based on my current understanding, I believe, these are a few areas that Nanotechnology can be further researched and investigated for possible applications.

best regards,

Dinesh Kumar
Business Analyst
ION I.T. Limited