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About the study

What did the study look at?
We supplied the Government with an independent, authoritative, representative, and above all fact-based report on nanotechnology and the health and safety, environmental, ethical and social issues that might stem from it. Our final report assesses how this emerging field should be regulated as it develops.

The aims of the Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering study were to;

  1. define what is meant by nanoscience and nanotechnology;
  2. summarise the current state of scientific knowledge about nanotechnology;
  3. identify the specific applications of the new technologies, in particular where nanotechnology is already in use;
  4. carry out a forward look to see how the technology might be used in future, where possible estimating the likely time scales in which the most far-reaching applications of the technology might become reality;
  5. identify what environmental, health and safety, ethical or societal implications or uncertainties may arise from the use of the technology, both current and future;
  6. identify areas where regulation needs to be considered.

At the launch of the study we issued an initial call for views (which is now closed). Responses from stakeholders were used to further define the terms of reference, shape and inform the study.

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