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Nanotechnology web links

Useful links

The following are links to useful websites and reports that contain information about nanotechnology.

Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology, Rice University


Converging technologies for a diverse Europe - EUROPA

The Foresight Institute

Global Dialogue on Nanotechnology and the Poor: Opportunities and Risks

The Institute of Nanotechnology

Los Angeles County Museum of Art's Nano exhibition

Meridian Institute


Nano Science and Technology Studies, Socetial and ethical implications, University of South Carolina

Nanotechnology and nanosciences, European Commission


National Nanotechnology Initiative, USA

New Scientist

Small Times magazine

Woodrow Wilson Centre for International Studies Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies

Reports and articles

ESRC report – the social and economic challenges of nanotechnology

ETC report - The Big Down

Greenpeace report – future technologies, today’s choices

Foundation of Science and Technology report of meeting ‘opportunities and threats from nanotechnology’ 18 November 2003

Lessons from nanoscale drug delivery (pdf)

Mind the gap – science and ethics in nanotechnology

Nanotechnologies: A Preliminary Risk Analysis

New Dimensions in Manufacturing, DTI report

What is nanotechnology? Article for journal ‘Nanotechnology’


Inventory of nanotechnologies based consumer products

Plenty of Room at the Bottom. Talk by physicist Richard P. Feynman, December 1959

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