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Press releases

Government commits to regulating nanotechnologies but will it deliver?

Nanotechnology debate brings small talk to public, 29 September 2004

Nanotechnologies bring great potential and need for responsible development, 29 July 2004

Market research on public attitudes to nanotechnology, 15 March 2004

Summary of workshop evidence: environmental impacts and applications of nanotechnology, 8 December 2003

Nanotechnology offers benefits but risks must be assessed, 10 November 2003

Nanotech study will address concerns about nanoparticle safety, 30 September 2003

Membership of Nanotechnology Working Group Announced, 30 July 2003

Investigation launched into benefits and problems of nanotechnology, 11 June 2003

Media coverage of study

Science inquiry asks if small is beautiful, Guardian, June 12 2003

Nanotech under the microscope, BBC Online June 12 2003

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